MASTeR Brain AI Group

Creating High quality Research Groups and maturing them to a self-sustainable entity is one of the ambitions of the project.

The salient points of the activates surrounding the research groups are given below. Every research group will work in a specific domain.


1. To equip faculty members and students with the industry-driven artificial intelligence and deep-learning tools.

2. To train and guide faculty members of associate institutes to do cutting-edge research in the areas related to the artificial intelligence and deep-learning.

3. To actively engage students and industries to have better collaboration for the benefit of the society via student projects.


1. To work in a systematic manner with defined goals and targets for fulfilling the vision.

2. To engage and collaborate with peer institutions for active research network; To generate funds with quality proposals.

3. To enroll, train and develop quality workforce; To establish the synergistic relationship with leaders of industry, academia, and government.


1. To make cutting edge skills and supercomputing infrastructure available to the wider community of academicians and researchers through a thoughtfully created network of approximately 10 collaborators and 100 lead institutions across India.

2. To initiate, sustain and nourish research groups in Artificial Intelligence. Based on the additional resource commitments by respective institutions, some of them can grow as a good research center.

3. To motivate the learner community for exploiting the potential of start-ups and innovations in this area and connecting them with the real-life problems of industry.

4. Overall it will enhance the content, quality, capacity and collaboration of Indian Engineering education ecosystem.


Name Designation Email
Dr. M. A. Maluk Mohamed Head of the Research Group
Dr. S. Rajasekaran Member 1
Prof. G. Haridoss Member 2
Prof. Syed Moinuddin Bokhari Member 3
Prof. J. Arunpandian Member 4
Dr. B. Annette SPOC


Team Details


Domain Area 1: Healthcare

Application Area 1: Drug Dosage Management

Project 1: Immunosuppressants Dosage Management for organ transplant patients App

Immunosuppressive drugs inhibit or prevent activity of the immune system. During the treatment with immunosuppressant drugs, patient will have regular blood tests. These tests help the doctor monitor how effective the drugs are, If dosage changes are needed and whether they cause side effects for patient. If patient have an autoimmune disease, doctor may adjust the dosage based on how patient condition responds to the medication. In this project, we proposed automated immunosuppressant drugs dosage management system using deep learning techniques.

Domain Area 2: Agriculture

Application Area 2: Disease and pest detection and Diagnosis

Project 2: Plants Disease and pest Diagnostic suggestion system for Rice (Paddy) App

Farmers can simply take a crop image on their phones and a suitable prescription is provided accordingly by the app using deep learning techniques. Based on the frequently asked questions at the Kisan Call Centre, we narrow down the common problems that bother the paddy farmers to 489 and provide detailed answers