Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

The Department of Civil Engineering was established in the year 2010. The Department offers B.E (CE) with a current annual intake of 120 students. The Department also offers the PG program (M.E. Structural Engineering) with a current annual intake of 18 students. The department is supported by well qualified faculty team in the field of specialization like Structural Engineering, Construction Engineering and Management. Through effective teaching and learning process the department has produced one university rank holder under Anna University, Chennai All laboratories in the department are well equipped and they are maintained by qualified technical persons in each laboratory. The department is marching forward to achieve excellence in every field of specialization in Civil Engineering by conducting seminars, guest lectures and workshops on the latest developments.

The industrial visit and the experts lecture are arranged for the students regularly in order to enrich the practical knowledge of students in addition to their academics which in turn will make the students fit for practical field in their future. The effective functioning of the department also includes the motivation of students to do innovative projects in the final year by linking them with the practical industry. All in turn makes the department to glow up with the enthusiastic students with the support from energetic faculties.


To educate the students to face the challenges pertaining to Civil Engineering by maintaining continuous sprit on creativity, innovation, safety and ethics.


1. To inculcate knowledge through laboratory and field visit, apart from effective teaching-learning process.

2. To synergize the efforts of both students and staff to meet the ever-growing construction-needs of the industry.

3. To encourage the students to undertake research and consultancy works.


1. To make highly competent and technologically capable professionals.

2. Imbibe the leadership quality, professional ethics, environmental consciousness and social responsibilities.

3. Having an ability to become a good entrepreneur and to improve the management skills.


Department Laboratories

  • Surveying Lab
  • Strength of Material Lab
  • Programming Lab
  • Hydraulic Engineering Lab
  • Soil Mechanics Lab
  • Concrete and Highway Lab
  • Environmental Engineering Lab
  • Computer Aided Design/Drafting Lab


  • MoU Signed with GB Engineering Enterprises pvt.Ltd.
  • MoU Signed with Dalmia Cement pvt.Ltd.
  • MoU Signed with Irrigation Management Training Institute.



Student Membership


Value Added Courses

  • NPTEL- National Programme for Technical Enhanced Learning Certification
  • STAAD.Pro
  • Total station and GPS


  • We conducted a Student partner programme Exhibition “Neengalum kattalaam Tharamaana veedu” in association with Ultra tech Cement @ March 26 2017.
  • We organized a National Level Conference on NRITE’17 @ March 24 2017.
  • We organized a One day workshop on “SOFTWARE VERSATILITY” for Polytechnic students @ Feb 10 2017.
  • We organized a Guest Lecture on “DURABILITY OF CONCRETE” in concerned with INDIAN CONCRETE INSTITUTE (STUDENT CHAPTER).
  • We organized a MODEL MAKING CONTEST AND GUEST LECTURE on VALUATION OF BUILDING in concerned with Institution of Engineers (India)@ Feb 14 2017




  • U.Manikandan and D.Gokulraj has participated in the Faculty development program on Learning Improvement Techniques organized and conducted by Teaching Learning Centre, IIT Madras,From 09th to 11th November 2016.
  • A.Anantha kumar has participated in the Faculty development program on Auto desk 2015 organized and conducted by Ramco Institute of technology, Rajapalayam
  • P. Gopalsamy, A.Anathakumar, U.Manikandan and D.Gokulraj are interested to visit the L&T Museum on 19.10.2016.
  • Dr.K.Sasiekalaa has attended the one day visit on Centre for Innovation at IIT Madras on 05.11.2016.
  • E.Poornima, A.Rossana Begum, N.Meenakshi and N.Bhuvaneswari are participated the one day work shop and Local Visit at IMTI on 01.10.2016
  • N.Bhuvaneswari has participated the one day work shop on AIR POLLUTION CONTROL MEASURES USING SENSOR at IIT Madras on 23.09.2016.
  • P.Gopalsamy, A.Anathakumar, A.Maria Stephen U.Manikandan and D.Gokulraj are participated the one day work shop on NDT Techniques @ Karunya University on 24.2.2017
  • Guest lecture given by Mr. P. Gopalsamy on topic “BASIC CIVIL ENGINEERING ANG ADVANCE CONSTRUCTION” at M.A.M polytechnic college, Trichy on 17th, JUNE, 2016.
  • Guest lecture given by Ms. A. Rosana Begum on topic “CONTRUCTION TECHNIQUES OF VARIOUS STRUCTURAL ELEMENTS” at M.A.M polytechnic college, Trichy on 29th, JULY, 2016.
  • Guest lecture given by Mrs. K. Vairakannu on topic “RAPID WALL CONTRUCTION USING GFRG PANEL” at Institution of Engineers [BHEL], Trichy Chapter on 30th, August, 2016.
  • According to the plan students are interested to visit DALMIA CEMENT with our faculty members on 30.07.2016.
  • According to the plan students are interested to visit Mukkombu and Zonal Training center,Railway, Trichy with our faculty members on 10.02.2017.


  • International conference on “AN EXPERIMENTAL PROJECT ON HIGH PERFORMANCE CONCRETE BY USING GRANITE POWDER” held on Feburary 12th, 2016 at Karpagam College of Engineering, Coimbatore, presented by A.Rosana Begum and E. Poornima.
  • National conference on “EXPERIMENTAL INVESTIGATION ON FLEXURAL BEHAVIOUR IN STAINLESS STEEL FIBER REINFORCED CONCRETE” held on March 2nd, 2016 at CARE school of Engineering, Trichy, presented by A.Rosana Begum.
  • Gopalsamy.P,Santhoshkumar.T,“Experimental investigation on flexural behaviour and electromagnetic interference shielding effect in stainless steel fiber reinforced concrete” published in IJTRA at Volume-4, Issue-3 ; ( May-June) 2016.
  • P.Gopalsamy,E.Poornima,P.Karthik,”An Experimental Investigation on Properties of Concrete by Using Activated Fly ash”, published in IRJAES in its June, 2016 Issue-2 pp. 109-113, 2016.
  • P.Gopalsamy,,”Improvement of Bearing Capacity of Soil by Grouting”, published in International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET) Volume 4, Issue 3 ,Mar2017 S.NO: 475
  • P.Gopalsamy,,” Experimental investigation on stabilization of soil by using activated fly ash” published in International Journal for Research & Development in Technology Volume 7, Issue 2, Feb-2017
  • P.Gopalsamy,,” Experimental investigation on performance of recycled concrete aggregate as coarse aggregate” published in International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET) Volume 4, Issue 3 ,Mar2017 S.NO: 327.
  • P.Gopalsamy,,” Experimental Investigation of Steel Waste Generated From Lathes as Fiber Reinforced Concrete “published in International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET), Volume 4 Issue 3, March 2017.
  • Roshan Peter And A. Anantha Kumar Published On March 2016, “Experimental Investigation On Floating Concrete Structure Using Light Weight (Pumice Stone) Aggregate" In World Journal Research And Technology (Wjert). Vol. 1, Issuse 2, 188-129
  • B. Sri Ilakkiya And A. Ananthakumar, Published On April 2016, “Experimental Investigation On Concrete Using Human Hair With GFRP Covering" In International Journal Of Engineering Trends And Technology (Ijett)
  • M. Mohamed Ansari, M.Dinesh Kumar, J. Milan Charles And Dr. G. Vani, March 2016. “Replacement Of Cement Using Eggshell Powder" International Journal Of Civil Engineering". Volume 3 Issues 3- March 2016.

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