A fleet of 83 buses are operated for the convenience of students and staff coming from Trichy and surroundings and it covers nearly from the city.

Considering the plight in commuting by public transports between the residence and the college and to minimize the travel time, College buses ply through every nook and corner of the city like Dalmia, Pullambadi, Anbil, Lalgudi, Thuvakudi, OFT, Junction, K.K. Nagar, Edamalaipatti Puthur, Theeran Nagar, Allithurai, Kulithalai, Musiri, Thuraiyur, Perambalur, etc. The bus routes are operated after taking into account the need of the students.

All students make use of the college transport. Private vehicles like cars are permitted and not permitted two –wheelers in order to prevent accidents and late-coming to college. All the buses reach the campus before 08:35 a.m. so that students and faculty get ready to attend the classes at 08:45 a.m. The buses leave the campus at 04:45 p.m. which helps students to reach home early and safe.

The time mentioned below is only indicative Students are advised to come to the boarding point, atleast 10 minutes before the time indicated.


A Cafeteria is run by the college, for the convenience of the students and the staff of the college with a view to provide quality food and snacks at lowest cost.


M.A.M. entered into an e-revolution by making its entire campus Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity). The Internet connection is distributed across the college through Wi-Fi networks. The college and hostels have 24 hours uninterrupted Internet connection.

There are numerous benefits of having Wi-Fi as an overlay network. First, it provides laptop users with a seamless connection to the corporate network (intranet and Internet) for browsing, presentations and documents.

The Wi-Fi system has been functioning with 24 Mbps (1:1) leased line connectivity provided by BSNL. As Wi-Fi security being an area of concern, In future M.A.M. will take elaborate steps to stop unauthorized access has been proposed to take preconfigured SSID (Service Set Identifier) and password for security (authentication).


Our college has dedicated Internet Leased line of 34 Mbps connected throughout the Campus. Students and faculty are free to access internet even after the regular working hours. This helps the students to prepare papers on the latest technologies to be presented in various symposiums and seminars. 24 hour Internet facility is provided.

Internet facilities available in the internet lab, provides high speed connectivity to students to surf to get unlimited information. Internet allows teachers and those with distance-learning classes to post their lectures, notes and presentation documents on the college's network.

Medical Assistance

The Health Centre here at M.A.M. College of Engineering and Technology is well equipped. It has separate inpatient facility for male and female students. The health centre provides quality health care in a comfortable and confidential environment.

The health centre is manned by a medical officer and a healthcare assistant to provide excellent medical care to all the students, staff and faculty at no cost. The Medical Officer manages the various aspects of the facility. They provide quality health care to everyone, evaluates the quality of services, maintains the overall efficiency of the centre and decides the procedures to be followed in case of emergency. Also, vaccinations and yearly checks ups are done at this facility. In the future we look forward in expanding and bringing in high-tech medical equipments to serve better the students of our college.

Bank and ATM

We have a branch of Punjab National Bank ATM at MAMCET Campus. This facility is availed by all our students and faculties.

A full-fledged Punjab National Bank is available in the campus. Cash deposit and Withdrawal had never been easier before. The Bank provides 24 hr ATM facility. Numerous students have account in this bank to perform their monetary services


The College Library Established in 2008. Our library is kept open from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm without a break Bar Code Technology was introduced in 2011. Our library now functions in a full fledged manner and cater to the library needs of students and faculty members. Books and journals are easily accessible to both students and staffs.

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Store Service

Students need not travel long to purchase things, instead they can buy and shop their day to day materials in the stationary shop inside the campus.