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Schedule 1:

30.11.2020 to 05.12.2020

Schedule 2:

7.12.2020 to 12.12.2020

Schedule 3:

14.12.2020 to 19.12.2020

Objectives of STTP:

Short Term Training Program (STTP) intends to conduct faculty trainings through financial assistance from AICTE to enable faculty members in the field of technical education to introspect and learn techniques. It is six days residential programme but due to this covid’19 pandemic situation the residential programme is conducted through online mode in three phases with different audience. The target audience are faculty from AICTE approved institutions.


This STTP is focused on the reinforcement of moral ethics to the faculty members to build a nation with good citizens through their teaching.

  1. To train the teachers regarding adoption of ethical practices and its promotion
  2. To empower teachers to recognize and resolve ethical issues at workplace
  3. To foster significance of Moral values through educating the professionals
  4. To inculcate professional ethics and human values to students
  5. To enlighten the students by adopting a higher mentorship making the dreams of students into reality

Audio-visual aids, Role Plays, Cases and Lectures

Topics Covered:
  1. Character Building in Technical Education
  2. Moral autonomy and theories of Ethics
  3. Unsighted cases of Gurus converting dreams into reality
  4. Value based system building to support teaching profession
  5. Professional Ethics and Ethical dilemmas in Engineering - Case Studies
  6. Role of teachers in inculcating ethics in students
  7. Ethical challenges faced by teachers
  8. Universal Human Values
  9. The moral responsibility of enabling introspection – mentoring and counselling
  10. Professional code of ethics for teachers
  11. The Role model approach - The ethical aura that positively influences
  12. Focusing on the key responsibilities of the teaching profession
  13. Ethics in Teaching – Use of appropriate andragogical approaches.
  14. Ethical Research with societal impact
  15. Ethical Leadership
Session Timings (3 sessions per day – 6 Days)
S.No Forenoon Afternoon
1. 9.30 am to 11.00 am 11.30 am to 1.00 pm 2.30 pm to 4.00 pm