11th GRADUATION DAY on 17.12.2023

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Engineering Education
Driven by Innovation in Trichy


About the ExNoRa Club

ExNoRa Club was inaugurated in the year 2011. Various activities such as Health Awareness Program, Blood Donation Camp and Sapling Plantation are conducted through the club.

Latest Events

Dr. S. Sujatha

Coordinator - ExNoRa Club
Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry

About the Rotaract Club

Rotaract Club was inaugurated in M.A.M. College of Engineering and Technology on April 2011. The Coordinator of the club is Dr.A.Anandan, Asso.Prof/Chemistry. Rotaract brings together adults ages 18-30 to take action in their communities, develop their leadership and professional skills, and have fun.



Coordinator-Rotaract Club
Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry

About the Yuva Club

India is a young country with almost 700 million people below the age of 40 years. And yet, the involvement of youth in National building activities has not reflected in India’s growth, be it in public service, politics or in business. How will mass youth participation change this scenario? Does it need to change? How can youth contribute effectively and efficiently in making the India of tomorrow and being the change they want. Young Indians involves students from schools and colleges around the country to involve them in leadership, personal development and nation building activities, Yi Yuva envisions connecting students to the community, the country at large and working towards a movement for “Nation Building”. This is done by the formation of the “Yuva” in institutions with this broader objective, while the vision of each student’s yuva would change from one students yuva to the other

Latest Events

Mr. J. Arun Pandian. M.E.,(Ph.D.)

Coordinator-Yuva Club
Associate Professor
Department of Information Technology

எந்நிலை வந்தாலும் தந்நிலை மாறாத தமிழ்

தமிழுக்கு என்றும் அழிவில்லை. அழிவில்லாத தமிழிற்காக இளந்தமிழ்ச் செல்வங்களிடத்தில் ஓர் அற்புத மாற்றம் பெறவே இந்த தமிழ்மன்றம்.மாணவர்களிடத்தில் தமிழ் ஆர்வத்தையும் , அறிவையும் வளர்ப்பதே எழுவோம் தமிழா தமிழ் மன்றத்தின் முக்கிய நோக்கமாகும்.நம்முன்னோர்கள் தமிழை பெருமைபடுத்திச் சென்றனர்.அதை பேசுவதை காட்டிலும் இனி தமிழுக்கு நம்மாலான புகழை பெற்றுத்தரும் செயலில் இறங்குவோம். “தித்திக்கும் தேன்தமிழ்மொழி” என்றும் வெல்ல வேண்டும்.

Latest Events

Mrs. S. Revathi

Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics

About the Entrepreneurship Development Cell

Entrepreneurship is the key ingredient in the industrialization and economic progress of a nation. History is replete with examples of entrepreneurs who have chased their dreams right from their student days and M.A.M College of Engineering & Technology firmly believes that education is never complete without exposing students to this option.

The ED Cell was ideated and inaugurated on 5th February, 2014, under the guidance of Dr. M.A.Maluk Mohamed, Director & Correspondent, MASTeR Group of Institutions, Trichy, with a view to encourage students from all the disciplines to consider Self-employment as a career option and also to provide training in Entrepreneurship through modular courses. Currently, the E-Cell activities are on the wheels, under the dynamic leadership of Dr.J.William, Principal, M.A.M College of Engineering & Technology, Trichy.


1. To create an environment for Self-employment, Promote Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship development through formal and non-formal programs.
2. To introduce the concept of entrepreneurship thereby creating an awareness among youth.
3. To develop management personnel at appropriate levels for the non-corporate and unorganized sectors like education, rural development, small-scale industry etc.
4. To utilize the infrastructure facilities and technically trained manpower for the development of non-corporate and unorganized sectors.
5. To promote employment opportunities.


To foster innovation and create an entrepreneurial culture thereby contributing to the growth of our country and its citizens.


1. To provide services including information and guidance to budding entrepreneurs.
2. To promote linkages with Industries and other organizations that is engaged in promoting Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
3. To enhance the training and research on entrepreneurship.
4. To strive for developing innovative training techniques, competent faculty support and consultancy.

Ed Cell - Partnerships

The Entrepreneurship Development Cell in MAMCET is started to aid the growth of the society by enabling entrepreneurs with integrity and sustainability. The EDC affiliates with various institutions regarding initiating, planning and successful launching of economic viable units through constant guidance, mentoring, various programs and schemes. The event focus of EDC includes the identification of business opportunities, specific product or services, support systems offered by financial institutions and other allied activities.


1. Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDI) – Ahmadabad
2. Indo Universal Collaboration for Engineering Education (IUCEE)
3. National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN)
4. United Economic Forum

Consultancy Services for Students Business

MAMCET – ED Cell empowers young entrepreneurs to increase their revenue and to have a crystal clear vision for their business and stop working so hard. Also, it helps them with strategies and techniques to create business success and think strategically about their business.

The Coaching and consulting helps to

1. Increase revenue and create steady profits
2. Learn specific marketing and business skills
3. Expand your reach and find new customers
4. Craft a cohesive action plan for growing your business
5. Boost clarity about your business vision and big projects
6. Create sustainable motivation and accountability

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