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Mentee Institution of NIT -TRICHY

MAMCET was selected as a mentee institute of NIT Trichy through the Margadharsan Scheme by AICTE. This recognition highlights the trust and confidence placed in our institution by NIT Trichy.

Being a mentee institute under the guidance of NIT Trichy opens up numerous opportunities for collaboration, learning, and development. The organization of a greater number of Faculty Development Programs (FDPs) in recent trends across various disciplines showcases our institution’s commitment to faculty up skilling and staying updated with the latest advancements in education and research.

The provision of paid internships for students and faculty further enhances the practical exposure and industry-relevant experience of our stakeholders. Such initiatives bridge the gap between academia and industry, facilitating a better understanding of real-world applications and industry expectations.

The guidance provided by NIT Trichy towards achieving accreditation is invaluable. Accreditation ensures quality standards and enhances the reputation and credibility of our institution. The mentorship from NIT Trichy will undoubtedly provide us with the necessary guidance, resources, and support to streamline our processes and meet the accreditation requirements.

Overall, being a mentee institute of NIT Trichy through the Margadharsan Scheme is a significant achievement. It opens doors to collaborative opportunities, capacity building, and continuous improvement. 

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