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Zonal partner of Leading India in AI with Bennet university

MAMCeT Association with and the MoU signed with Bennet University, a renowned institution under the Times of India Group. Being a zonal partner of Leading India in Artificial Intelligence is a significant achievement and reflects our institution’s commitment to promoting Deep Learning and AI skills in India.

The sabbaticals of three faculty members and three students at Bennet University for a month is an excellent opportunity for knowledge exchange, skill enhancement, and collaborative research. Such initiatives foster a strong industry-academia partnership and allow for practical exposure to cutting-edge technologies and research practices.

Having a core team of five members in Artificial Intelligence demonstrates our institution’s dedication to building expertise in this emerging field. This core team can play a vital role in advancing research, curriculum development, and industry collaborations related to AI.

Organizing awareness programs on AI in nearby schools and colleges showcases our institution’s commitment to spreading awareness and knowledge about this transformative technology. It helps students and educators understand the potential applications and impact of AI in various domains.

Furthermore, organizing an IEEE International conference in association with Bennet University in 2019 highlights our institution’s proactive approach to fostering research and knowledge dissemination in the field of AI. Such conferences provide a platform for researchers, academicians, and industry professionals to exchange ideas, present their work, and collaborate on cutting-edge research.

Overall, our institution’s collaborations, initiatives, and participation in AI-related activities demonstrate a strong commitment to advancing AI skills, promoting industry-academia collaborations, and fostering application-inspired engineering research. 

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