Two days workshop on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning

a platform for disseminating knowledge on AI and DL

Posted by MAMCET on November 12, 2018

MASTeR Brain AI research group of M.A.M. College of Engineering and Technology , Tiruchirappalli in association with Bennett University (Times of India Group), Greater Noida, INDIA organised a two day workshop on AI and Deep learning on 10th and 11th November, 2018.

M.A.M. College of Engineering and Technology is the only engineering college from this zone to have collaborated as Zonal Lead Partner with Dr. M. A. Maluk Mohamed, Director and Correspondent as Project Lead in the nationwide initiative on "AI and Deep Learning Skilling and Research" by University college, London, Brunel University, London and Bennett University, India. Five institutions M.A.M. College of Engineering, M.A.M. School of Engineering, Trichy Engineering College, K. Ramakrishnan College of Technology, Trichy and Roever Engineering College, Perambalur enrolled as basic partners and fifty faculties from Zonal lead and basic partner institutes attended this workshop.

The Resource person for the event was Dr. Sridhar Swaminathan, Project Manager, He stated that Industry all over the world is facing huge scarcity of trained manpower in machine intelligence. Companies working in autonomous vehicular industry, Advanced data science, image processing, Video analytics are short of talent. The whole spectrum of applications important for our planet are waiting for new innovations and ideas due to this newly found potential around deep learning. India has to march to a prominent place in the field of AI manpower and research. project is working to fill this gap.

The sessions of the workshop were on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Deep learning (DL). The workshop served as a platform for disseminating knowledge on AI, DL and endeavored to familiarize the faculty with these technologies through hands –on experience with practical sessions. While addressing the session Dr. Sridhar Swaminathan emphasized on the trend of increased data usage in India. Due to this, AI and DL finds extensive applications in many parts of India. He insisted that Industries are daily coming out with problems related to AI and DL globally. So updating skill and knowledge of the faculty is necessary to prepare the students and help them respond to industry requirements. Some of the main topics such as Neural Networks, Convolution Neural Networks, Recurrent Neural Networks, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) were dealt in detail with some case studies and examples.

At the end of the two days workshop, the participants were awarded with a successful completion certificate after an online assessment. The participants appreciated the efforts took by MAMCET, Tiruchirappalli to impart knowledge on advance computing platforms for all disciplines. Mrs. Fathima Bathool Maluk, CEO, MASTeR Group of Institutions, Trichy, Dr. S.Rajasekaran, Dean –Admin, Prof. G.Haridoss, Dean –Academic addressed and felicitated the gathering. The workshop was coordinated by Dr. B.Annette, Dean-MSDI, Prof. B. Syed Moinuddin Bokhari, Convener, Prof.J.P. Justina, Prof. M.Syed Abdul Salam, Coordinators.