Mechanical Engineering

  1. Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research (JSIR)
  2. Indian Journal of Engineering & Materials Sciences (IJEMS)
  3. International Journal of Modern Manufacturing Technologies
  4. International Journal of Advanced Mechatronic Systems
  5. International Journal of Advanced Mechanical Engineering (IJAME)
  6. International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Multiscale Mechanics
  7. American Journal of Mechanical Engineering
  8. Modern Mechanical Engineering
  9. Journal of Applied Mechanical Engineering
  10. Advances in Production Engineering & Management
  11. The Open Mechanical Engineering Journal
  12. International Journal of Mechanical Sciences
  13. Materials Sciences and Applications
  14. Mechanical Engineering Research
  15. American Journal of Mechanical Engineering
  16. International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Applications
  17. Journal of Mechanical Engineering Research
  18. Journal of Advances in Mechanical Engineering and Science
  19. International Journal of Mechanical Engineering & Technology (IJMET)
  20. American Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences
  21. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
  22. International Journal of Industrial Engineering & Production Research
  23. Jordan Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
  24. Journal of Industrial Engineering & Management
  25. Advances in Mechanical Engineering
  26. Archive of Mechanical Engineering
  27. Modern Mechanical Engineerg