Women Empowerment Cell 

About the cell 

A Women Empowerment Cell has been established at the college, with the primary mission of empowering and ensuring the safety of female students, faculty, and staff. It aims to raise awareness of women-related concerns and create a secure environment for women and girls on the college campus. The cell is dedicated to addressing practical matters related to the well-being and equal opportunities of female faculty, staff, and students. 


“Strength and Poise  in Harmony”   :-  Empowering women with both inner strength and grace. It’s about giving them the confidence to face challenges (strength) while encouraging them to maintain composure and confidence (poise) in every situation. By embodying both strength and poise, women can effectively navigate the complexities of life and achieve success in various areas.

Objectives :

  • To create awareness of women’s economic, social, political, and legal rights through seminars
  • To Sensitize the student community to issues such as eve-teasing, violence against women, and harassment.
  • To develop the self-confidence of women in building their self-identity.
  • To Educate female students and faculty on women-specific health issues and psychological problems, along with measures to address them.
  • To promote a culture of respect, equality, and freedom for the female gender.
  • To Instill an entrepreneurial attitude among the girl students.
  • To Provide psychological support for students facing academic challenges.
  • To raise awareness about cyber safety and security. 


 “I will always consciously value and protect my dignity and self-respect

  I will not tolerate any physical or mental abuse

  I will remain committed to the elimination of violence against women”

Roles and Responsibilities of the Women Empowerment Cell:

  • Organizing awareness programs on cyber safety, gender sensitization, and women’s welfare.
  • Arranging health awareness programs.
  • Creating awareness about women’s economic, social, political, and legal rights through seminars.
  • Addressing and resolving women-related issues and complaints.
  • Providing psychological support to students to improve their academic performance
  • Counseling the female students to overcome their Anxiety, Depression, Health issues, and Psychological problems.
  • Enhancing interpersonal skills.
  • Working to prevent sexual harassment and promote the general well-being of female students, teaching, and non-teaching women staff of the institute.
  • Ensuring the protection of female students.
  • Motivating and creating awareness among female students about their strengths.
  • Organizing Women’s Day programs.
  • Instill the Entrepreneurial Attitude among the Girl Students.

 Regularity of meetings:

  • Regular Meetings: The committee holds two formal meetings at the start and end of each semester. The initial meeting covers the committee’s responsibilities and tentative program planning, while the closing meeting focuses on consolidating the conducted events

The chairman of the committee should submit the meeting minutes to the principal on the same day of the meeting


  • Awareness programs on gender sensitization.
  • Seminars and workshops to impart knowledge of opportunities and tools available and train the women.
  • Entrepreneur awareness program
  • Health awareness program
  • Women’s Day celebration.
  • Seminar to educate women about their legal rights, how to address harassment, and seeking assistance in legal matters.
  • Awareness program on Cyber safety.
  • Leadership Training and Workshops 

Women’s Empowerment Cell  Member  for the Academic Year 2023-2024


The Institute Women’s Empowerment Cell has been reconstituted for the academic year 2023-2024 with the aim of empowering female students and raising awareness on issues related to women, making the college campus a safe place for girls and faculty members. The members of the committee are as follows: 


Name of the committee members



Dr. A.Bajulinisha / HOD AI&DS



Mrs.A.Mary Beula/EEE

Staff Member


Mrs. Hemalatha Balakrishnan /ECE

Staff Member


Ms.M.Ramya/ AIDS

Staff Member


Ms.M. Dhivyalakshmi /Civil

Staff Member



Staff Member


Mrs.M.Vijayalakshmi AP/IT

Staff Member


Mrs. Akiladevi /English 

Staff Member

The committee shall meet twice in a semester and as and when required. The Convener conducts a meeting and Report to the Principal.

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Women Empowerment Cell  supporting documents 

The supporting documents maintained by the Women Empowerment Cell  are as follows


Supporting Document


Women Empowerment Cell  –  Member Constitution


Minutes of Meeting


Activity Plan


Flyer, Photos and report of Every event


Consolidated report