The library at M.A.M. College of Engineering and Technologyis more than just a collection of books; it’s a dynamic hub that serves as the nucleus of learning, research, and intellectual growth. With its rich resources, innovative services, and tranquil atmosphere, our library plays a vital role in shaping the academic journey of our students.

Equipped with modern infrastructure, our library offers a conducive environment for study and research. Comfortable seating, advanced technology, and dedicated study spaces ensure an enriching experience.

At M.A.M. College of Engineering and Technology, we understand that a nurturing environment plays a crucial role in your academic journey. Our hostel facilities offer a safe, comfortable, and supportive space where you can focus on your studies and personal growth.

Our dedicated maintenance team ensures that facilities are well-maintained, providing a clean and pleasant atmosphere for your stay. We understand the importance of a conducive environment for your overall well-being.Home is where the heart is, and in our hostels, we foster a sense of belonging.

The college canteen is  spacious dining halls serve wholesome nutritional food both North & South Indian.

A wide variety of food menu are available.Experienced chefs prepare hygienic and tasty food. Water purification (RO) plant has been installed and only treated water is supplied throughout the campus.

Separate dining sections are provided for boys and girls. Keeping a receptive mind the management commit periodical updates and changes the menu to suit the taste of students



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