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PALS - Award of Excellence (2016-17)

This award signifies our institution’s commitment to professional development, knowledge sharing, and active engagement within the IIT PALS program. It recognizes our contributions in fostering collaboration and growth among alumni.

PALS - Award of Excellence (2018-19)

This award further acknowledges our institution’s consistent commitment to excellence and continued contributions to the PALS program. It demonstrates our dedication to nurturing talent, fostering innovation, and promoting professional development.

Responsive Aligned Proactive Interactive Dedicated Partner – Zone D (2019-20)

This award celebrates our institution’s proactive and dedicated approach to actively participating in the PALS program. It acknowledges our efforts in networking, sharing knowledge, and making meaningful contributions within the PALS community. We are immensely proud of these accomplishments, which showcase the hard work and dedication of our students, faculty, and institution as a whole. These awards motivate us to continue our pursuit of excellence and inspire us to make further contributions to the PALS program.

Proud Partner Award (2018-19 and 2021-22)

These awards recognize our institution as a valuable partner and supporter of the initiatives and activities organized by IIT Madras. They highlight our collaborative efforts and contributions towards the success of the PALS program.

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