Remote Centre for IIT Bombay

Remote Centre for IIT Bombay

MAMCET is the Remote Centre for IIT Bombay under the T10kT project of the National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology (NMEICT). This recognition reflects our institution’s commitment to promoting education through technology.

Organizing workshops, seminars, and Faculty Development Programs (FDP) in association with IIT Bombay demonstrates our institution’s dedication to continuous learning and professional development. These initiatives provide valuable opportunities for faculty members and educators to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Conducting spoken tutorials for more than 2000 school students in association with IIT Bombay showcases our commitment to reaching out to the wider community and promoting digital literacy among young learners. This initiative contributes to their overall development and equips them with essential technological skills.

Moreover, the training of our librarian in the Koha software by IIT Bombay highlights our institution’s emphasis on staying updated with the latest technologies and tools in the field of library management. This training equips our librarian with the necessary skills to efficiently manage library resources and provide enhanced services to students, faculty, and researchers.

Overall, MAMCET’s collaboration with IIT Bombay through the Remote Centre status and various initiatives is commendable. It demonstrates our institution’s proactive approach toward incorporating technology in education and fostering knowledge-sharing opportunities.